Java DevOps Engineer (f/d/m)


Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Backend Entwicklung


You Evolve Our Backend and Infrastructure to Shape the Future of our Flagship App

Do you enjoy developing Java 17 code for Spring Boot powered REST APIs? Would you like reactive programming with Netty sprinkled over that? Does it sound thrilling to you to deploy that code and the infrastructure, while ensuring smooth operations? Then we are looking for you.

You'll work in a self-organized, cross-functional, and agile team using Kanban. You'll get rewarded with meaningful tasks that drive the future of our Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud app, which is a cornerstone of our vision: to create a world where everyone shares their information, knowledge and skills to enable others to contribute positively to the world.

Plenty of company perks, an international environment, state-of the-art technologies as well as development tools, and a deep dive into the Atlassian ecosystem will make this an exciting and enjoyable journey.

Your Future Role

  • Develop new features, improvements and bug-fixes for Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud and take ownership of whole topics or work packages.
  • Be part of the code owners collective - no matter if you wrote it or someone else. Write new or blend into existing code, refactor and provide insightful PR reviews.
  • Write and maintain automated unit and integration tests to build your and your team’s confidence in the latest changes.
  • Evolve the apps infrastructure using AWS CDK and contribute to security, performance, scalability, cost effectiveness and other qualities of the app. Currently we use CloudFront, ACM, Fargate and Lambdas, ALB, DynamoDB, OpenSearch, S3 and others.
  • Empower your colleagues, e.g. by mentoring others, answering questions and sharing your knowledge in internal talks. Checkout our development slack - there’s always something to learn or share.
  • Help in shaping operations processes and choose or build tools or automations to scale them.
  • Look beyond your IDE by helping in support cases, provide input to user documentation or supply numbers to drive decisions. Bring your own ideas to the table: features, habits, tools.
  • Interact with Atlassian’s Cloud services and developer teams.
  • Work with Slack, Confluence, Jira, Git, Bitbucket, IntelliJ, Java, Maven, Spring Boot, LocalStack, Docker, AWS CLI, Bash, Yarn Berry and more.

Your Background

  • Professional experience in building and maintaining back-end Java code in Spring Boot using JAX-RS, Jackson and Java concurrency mechanisms.
  • A good understanding of and curiosity for the architecture of the web: security, caching, protocols and best practices.
  • A grasp of front-end technologies - from HTML, CSS and JS to React - will help you quickly onboard in our cross-functional team.
  • Confidence in speaking and writing in English and the skill to precisely communicate complex matters.
  • Passion for clean, stable and well-documented code including the infrastructure and the dedication to keep it running.
  • A good idea of IaaS providers and ideally hands-on experience with AWS. Specific experience using AWS services - such as S3, DynamoDB, CloudFront or ACM - through the Java SDKs as well as setting those up using the AWS CDK are a plus.
  • Hands-on experience with our workhorses Maven and Git.
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in the industry and strong analytical skills.
System Engineering / Admin