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EXTREME BLUE Internship: Machine Learning Based Tuning for IDAA

IBM Deutschland GmbH



  • Datenbankentwicklung / BI

Gewünschte Studienfächer

  • Informatik
  • Informationstechnik


  • Bachelor
  • Master/Diplom


  • Böblingen


  • DB2
  • Java
  • Machine Learning
  • Objektorientierte Programmierung (OOP)
  • Support

Job Description

In this Extreme Blue Project, students will work together with software engineers from the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) for z/OS team to develop a machine learning based enhancer for our product.

One of our main features is data synchronization between a transactional and an analytical database. The performance of this synchronization heavily depends on the choice of runtime parameters for a given customer workload. Many small transactions, for example, should be processed differently than just a single large transaction. Those runtime parameters can initially be adjusted by IDAA engineers at the customers’ site. However, workload characteristics might change hourly and the initial setting will not be optimal anymore. Live adjustment of system parameters would allow optimal performance while keeping the manual system maintenance effort at the minimum.

The challenge of this project is to create an online machine learning pipeline for data gathering, analysis and optimization of the data synchronization performance. In order to implement this project the Extreme Blue team will:

  1. Define important data and automate data collection for the machine learning model
  2. Train and compare different machine learning models based on gathered data
  3. Extend the data synchronization component with features for automated parameters tuning

On mutual interest, after the internship we offer to support writing a thesis (primarily MSc) in cooperation with us.

Interested ? Available mid July to mid October 2019 ? When applying, please scan all of the following documents into one single pdf file and upload online as your 'Resume/CV':

  1. Motivation Letter incl. your availability from-to
  2. CV incl. your level of German
  3. University enrollment document ('Imma')
  4. Current transcript of records and other relevant certificates / references
  5. Non-EU citizen: copy of passport, residence and work permit (where available)

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