Frontend Developer (m/f/d)

Frankfurt am Main

, Kassel

Backend Entwicklung
Frontend Entwicklung


Job description

Do you love developing software frontends that resonate with your end users? Do you care about a consistent user experience across all media and devices? Do you enjoy designing functional, frictionless user journeys?

Are you familiar with SCSS, TypeScript, React or Angular? Are you an eager and quick learner? Do you thrive working with capable and committed people in cross-disciplinary agile teams?

Join us and turn challenging projects into success stories by building brilliantly simple software that speaks to human hearts and minds.

Key responsibilities & tasks

We develop software on behalf of our customers and conduct research and development for our own software products and services, from the user interface to the backend and operation, both open source and commercial.

  • Frontend & web development in small, agile teams – for customers and/or for our own products and services related to the ›Yatta Platform‹
  • New and further development of modern, complex web applications, websites and eCommerce platforms using TypeScript, JavaScript, SCSS and common frameworks (such as Angular, React, Vue)
  • Implementation of user interfaces based on Figma prototypes in close collaboration with UI/UX designers, backend developers and copywriters to ensure usability, accessibility and a consistent brand experience
  • Selecting and deploying CMS solutions, and developing and customizing templates
  • Continuous improvement of quality through code and design reviews, compliance with security standards, documentation and bug fixes
  • Active sharing of knowledge, skills and experience within and across teams to improve software, code and design quality

Required qualifications

  • Degree in computer science with above-average grades (preferably M.Sc., diploma or PhD) or similar qualification
  • Several years of practical experience in designing and developing software, especially frontends – preferably as part of a development team (e.g., through work experience, open-source projects or internships)
  • Technical know-how and experience using some of our technologies, frameworks and tools for frontend and web development in an enterprise environment
  • Experience in building, maintaining and deploying token-based style guides and components
  • As the interface between design and technology, user and customer, your goal is to always find and implement the most sustainable solutions
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills with good judgment and appreciation for feedback to develop and grow
  • Understand fundamentals of backend development to ensure productive collaboration as part of the team
  • Strong understanding of users, quality and ergonomics
  • Enjoy interdisciplinary work with a user-centric focus to develop user-friendly software that not only works, but also delights
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