Backend Developer (Remote in Germany) (m/w/d)


, Darmstadt

, Stuttgart

.NET Core
Backend Entwicklung
CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Delivery)
Cloud Computing


We love to create great software for the needs of customers ranging from the next big startup to major corporations. Our goal is to deliver a product that isn’t only great today but also builds a solid foundation for whatever happens in the future.

We founded devterm in 2020, have been growing since and now need your help to strengthen our team as a backend developer.


What the job's like

  • You will be developing web, mobile, or cloud apps for a wide variety of customers while being responsible for testing and documenting your code properly.
  • Since we aim for the best codebase possible, you’ll be taking care of code reviews for other members of the team while they review your contributions.
  • You will take care of specifying user stories from feature requests and triaging bug reports so that these can be picked up for development.


What we’d want from you

  • You should have mastered a backend heavy language/framework (e.g. Java Spring, .NET Core, GO or comparable)
  • You should be comfortable using git and a terminal in general.
  • An understanding of software architecture is important too.
  • As every piece of code has to be tested properly, experience with testing and test driven development would be of big help.
  • Since we are using GitHub for our projects, experience with it would be appreciated.
  • We’d be truly excited if you have experience with DevOps tools or application quality assurance.


How we work

  • Though we work remotely, we’re going to speak to each other at least once a day in daily stand-ups or in our planning sessions and retros. In addition to that, we try to meet in person every couple of weeks.
  • We value quality in our work and products, hence we’ve developed processes and guidelines to aid with that. But since nothing’s ever perfect, we’re constantly improving these and want your input as well.
  • Inspired by open source software projects, continuous integration and delivery pipelines help us find issues before they become problems while getting the finished product out of the door as quickly as possible.
  • The most important thing for us is giving and accepting feedback so that we can grow together.

What we can offer you

  • You’re free to work wherever and whenever you want, but if you ever feel the need to work out of an office, we can always get another desk in one of the coworking spaces we’re using (currently in Stuttgart or Darmstadt).
  • We’ll be paying you a fair wage depending on your skill level in a 35h/week and 30 days vacation/year contract.
  • You’ll get a budget to choose the equipment you’re happy to work with as well as the software you need to do your job.
  • You'll get a subsidy for office furniture.
  • You'll get an education budget of 1200€ net per year and an enterprise seat in the Pluralsight learning platform.
  • Join us for regular knowledge-sharing meetups or pizza parties.
  • We’re happy for you to use part of your time on the job to develop your professional skills and pursue your goals.

All we need from you to prepare for a talk to get to know each other is your CV and if applicable your GitHub account or other references.

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