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Data Scientist (m/w/d)


Cloud Computing
Data Scientist
Data Warehouse (DWH)
Google Cloud Platform


Job Description summary

The Amadeus Media team is looking for a Data Scientist to join our team.

You'll work on the full development cycle of machine learning models, from data collection, cleaning and feature engineering to prototyping and model selection to experimental evaluation to documentation and maintenance. You'll adapt and employ state-of-the-art technologies.

Job Description

As part of hospitality, the main objective of the Media division is to drive demand and boost client market shares by advertising their products in all the possible mediums and channels (web searches, web, social, GDS, mobile). Our customers are Hotels who try to attract more guests, Cities or Regions who want to attract more visitors as well as Airlines who try to attract more travelers.

Along the years, Amadeus has created a leading data-driven travel advertising platform complemented by strategic partnerships with advertising giants (Google, Facebook, Microsoft… To name a few), that can reach billions of travelers globally every day. The Media division is in fast expansion aiming to reach a billion in revenue in the next couple of years. Our engaged teams are key to achieve this goal and we want YOU to be part of the adventure.

Unlike many Media agencies which only rely on third party software to run advertising campaigns, Amadeus has created its own advertising platform praised by our customers, for handling unique use cases and allowing a more targeted approach. This platform was built with a **microservices architecture**, using some of the most recent technologies like **Golang, Scala, Python, gRPC, GraphQL, Kafka, Apache, Airflow, Apache Beam, Aerospike, PostgreSQL**. It reaches **160k transactions per second**, relying on a PB-size **Google BigQuery** hosted data warehouse, an innovative AI running up to **250k predictions per second** and is hosted on GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Our machine learning models are build with **Python, Tensorflow, Keras, LightGBM and more**.

Our infrastructure also follows the recent standards of the industry (**Terraform, Kubernetes, Helm, FluxCD, GitHub Actions, CircleCI, GCP, GKE, Thanos, Prometheus, Apaches Airflow, Google Cloud Composer, Apache Beam, Google Cloud Dataflow**) and is built with a GitOps mindset.

The next step the evolution of our platform is increasing our geographical footprint by **deploying our stack to other continents**, as well as gradually bringing parts of the Hospitality advertising business to this platform. **We want to leverage AI to further automate and optimize our media plattform.**

The role:

As a Data Scientist, you will join OPT (campaign optimisation team) responsible for the the full development cycle of machine learning models, from data collection, cleaning and feature engineering to research, prototyping and model selection to experimental evaluation to documentation and maintenance.

Focused on automation and optimization, you will work closely with our other development teams to integrate our models with the different applications, e.g. our real-time system, the data warehouse, the campaign management tool.

You will be involved from the early stages of idea creation and research and take part in the design phases in order to propose the best technical solutions.

You will join a dynamic team and enjoy huge data volumes and fast feedback loops via our real-time system.

Key responsibilities:

  • build statistical and machine learning models to identify online users who are likely to purchase travel products
  • Research and design advanced bidding and budget allocation strategies to improve the performance of our in-house plattform
  • Collaborate with data engineers to develop and improve our scalable streaming user profiling platform
  • Technical analysis, solution proposal and effort estimate on new functionalities
  • Bring your expertise and experience to detect pitfalls and promote best practices
  • Present and submit to product & business teams for approval
  • Develop new functionalities in collaboration with the rest of the team
  • Challenge the existing models for evolution opportunities & improvement
  • Monitor and support our applications in production

Ideal candidate:

  • strong statistics and data wrangling skills: experimental design, data transformation, machine learning, validation and evaluation
  • good interpersonal communication skills and are comfortable giving presentations
  • curious and likes to communicate based on data and insights
  • Critical and analytical mindset to translate business and product requirements
  • results-oriented and have a record of successfully delivering projects
  • good programming skills (preferably Python), have experience working with machine learning frameworks and writing SQL queries, and are able to learn new technologies quickly\
  • Proactive & autonomous
  • Easy going, enjoying a social & friendly working environment

Diversity & Inclusion

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and seek to hire the best candidate regardless of age, beliefs, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

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