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R&D Back-End Developer Linux/KVM Operating System Development (m/w/x)


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Are you interested in operating systems development and Open Source? Your favorites are Linux and low-level programming? Would you like to be part of an Open Source community, and do you intend to build up a reputation as an Open Source maintainer? If so, our team is the right place for you!

Our Linux development team is responsible for enhancing and maintaining the full stack (Linux kernel and its device drivers, libraries, tools, compilers, debuggers, virtualization (KVM) and test automation & CI/CD). We tightly collaborate with the international development teams of IBM (e.g. hardware and firmware development), the global maintainers of Open Source communities, and our Linux distribution partners (Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical). Our focus is on the support of the IBM Z / LinuxONE architecture, e.g. new processor instructions, new I/O attachments (PCIe, NVMe, Ethernet, RDMA etc.) and accelerators for AI and cryptographic functions. Linux on IBM Z / LinuxONE forms the basis of many of IBM’s commercial solutions in Cloud, Analytics, Finance, and AI.

Your Role and Responsibilities

As a key member of our dynamic team, you will play a vital role in crafting exceptional software experiences.

Your responsibilities will comprise of design and specifications for new enhancements, coding (including test automation), problem determination and bug fixing, performance analysis, and solving client problems. Your attendance at Open Source community meetings is recommended and supported, and client facing activities (e.g. client support, providing lectures at conferences) are possible. You will closely interact with the respective Open Source communities (“”upstream integration”” of your code) and our distribution partners (Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical).

In this job offering, we are looking for a new team member to grow our Linux Kernel & KVM squads.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • skills in Operating Systems internals (e.g. memory management, process scheduling, SMP, interrupts)
  • 2+ years of experience in open source development in one or more areas of Linux kernel, KVM, QEMU, libvirt, virtio, vfio
  • Experience in low-level/assembler development for embedded systems (non-x86)
  • Expert skills in source code repository systems (e.g. git), scripting languages (e.g. Python) and test Automation (e.g. Jenkins) skills
  • You are highly motivated
  • English (fluent) and German (B1) language skills

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Contributions to Open Source projects or Open Source maintainer status (for multiple years)
  • Skills in virtualization/hypervisor development and emulation (e.g. qemu TCG) technologies
  • Skills in current I/O technologies (e.g. PCI, NVMe, RDMA)
  • Skills in platform and I/O device management (e.g. UEFI, ACPI)
  • Skills in IBM Z architecture (“Principles of Operations”), Z assembler and I/O concepts
  • Skills in embedded system architectures
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