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JavaScript Engineer (m/f/d)




  • Anwendungsentwicklung
  • Webentwicklung

Gewünschte Studienfächer

  • Informatik
  • Informatik (Andere)
  • Informationstechnik
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik


  • Ausbildung
  • Bachelor
  • Master/Diplom


  • Berlin


  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React (JS)
  • Support

The position

We are looking for a smart, self-motivated software engineer to strengthen our development team. Your preferred programming language is JavaScript and you are passionate about the latest developments in that ecosystem, just as we are.

You’ll help us improve our entire platform, from our single-page web apps to our Node.js backend service.

You are always keen to challenge the current way of how we do things and try to improve it by making technical decisions and introducing standards.

You’ll be working in a small team that tries to operate agile and without much overhead.

Your daily routine includes discussions with your peers to help find the best solutions and a default to action.

A few of the things you might work on

React.js single-page applications: The most important part for our customers. We write all our SPAs in React.js, Redux, and the ecosystem around both. Quality is important, and so we incorporate common standards, for instance Storybook. You might help us extend our component library by creating isolated, reusable, and well-tested React components.

Node.js micro-service APIs: The APIs are the foundation of everything. We put a lot of effort into the quality, robustness, and scalability of our APIs. Designing new interfaces, creating new endpoints and improving the testability is an integral part.

CI / CD system: The bread and butter of successful product development. We ship software every day, and we want to make sure it happens with high quality, looking out for test coverage and for always keeping the build green. We apply automated test execution and code quality checks, like ESLint.

With product management: You can only do an excellent job if you know why we build things from a product perspective. That is why you work with the product management to test features.

About you

  • Do you have experience and love working with JavaScript? Ideally you’ve worked with Node.js, and you’re interested in working with React, Hapi.js or Express.js.
  • Do you love writing well-tested and robust code, according to modern JavaScript practices and standards?
  • Do you equally care about how building software is done as having it done?
  • Do you strive for innovative solutions that pushes the company and your peers instead of accepting the status quo?
  • You leave no stone left unturned when you are on the hunt for solutions. New problems occur every single day and sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to tackle them.
  • You’re passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience among the team.

About us

Full-stack approach: The engineering team applies a full-stack approach. We encourage every engineer to work on the full range of tasks (infrastructure, backend, frontend) based on their preferences. The team supports each other to have the knowledge and skills for it.

Our engineering blog: We regularly publish articles about React & Co., Node.js, product development and engineering management. You might find something interesting, and we’d love for you to share your experiences and findings too. You should check it out.

10% time: Everybody on the team is free to spend 10% of their work time on innovative ideas and technologies which interest them, such as open source and thought leadership.

Remote work: We are open to people who don’t live in Berlin and don’t want to relocate. The only requirement at the moment is that you live in Europe. This makes the organization and process easier for all of us.

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