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Carl Zeiss AG

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ZEISS. A start-up before it was cool.

Carl Zeiss founded his first workshop in 1846 – which today you would call a dynamic start-up. 170 years later we are still driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and constant pursuit of innovation. With 25,000 employees, ZEISS is one of the global leaders in the optical and optoelectronic industries today. Our digital solutions accelerate medical progress, enable scientists to make groundbreaking discoveries and facilitate the factory of tomorrow. And these are only a few examples of how we constantly open up new opportunities for our customers in healthcare, research and industry.

Digital Challenges @ ZEISS

Our business groups and the central corporate and service functions offer a large number of career possibilities for all disciplines. Here are some exemplary digital challenges:

ZEISS Industrial Metrology

With over 40.000 installed measuring machines around the world ZEISS is one of the most trusted partners of leading automotive, aerospace and medical companies. The smart factory of tomorrow – also known as Industry 4.0 – is fueled by data. With our automated 3D digitization and inspection systems, we provide this data and enable leading automotive, aerospace and medical companies to produce high-quality products in customized mass manufacturing. Join us and enable our customers to build their next generation smart factory. Join us and help our customers to make their next groundbreaking discovery.

ZEISS Medical Technology

Digital medical solutions from ZEISS support doctors in their diagnosis and decision making, guide them with software-supported visualization and make clinical workflows more efficient – always ensuring the best treatment for the patient. For example, by pooling information on 50,000 cataract operations in a digital database that helps doctors improve treatment outcomes.

In the future, digitialization in medicine will open up new exciting opportunities that will make high-quality healthcare accessible to more and more people around the world. We work on solutions to enable our customers to provide care beyond a doctors practice and thereby to foster convenience for the patients while keeping the standard of care at the highest level.

ZEISS Microscopy

For 170 years, ZEISS has constantly pushed the boundaries of microscopy and thus helped 35 Nobel laureates to revolutionize modern science with their groundbreaking discoveries. Today, intelligent software solutions and imaging algorithms play a crucial role in advancing microscopy even further.

For example, using up to 91 electron beams in parallel, our MultiSEM is the world’s fastest electron microscope, producing up to 2 terabytes of image data per hour. It allows the imaging of very large areas of the brain and will enable researchers to soon map an entire mouse brain and possibly, in the not too distant future, even a human brain – a big step in understanding how the brain works and to better treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Other key factors are the best-in-class connection of our devices, state-of-the art large data management and an easy-to-use interface. This way we enable our customers to get the relevant viable information in the most efficient and convenient way possible. Join us and help our customers to make their next groundbreaking discovery.

ZEISS Digital Imaging Consumer Devices and Solutions

“Connectivity Ecosystem, Digital Optical Systems, Embedded Processing Technologies, JAVA/AndroidSDK/Swift/Unit Testing/UI Testing, Cloud, SCRUM, Phyton, MatLab”.

At Corporate Research and Technology and in our Consumer Optics Business Group you work on cutting edge digital solutions using state of the art technology and tools

ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners

Shaping the digital future of ZEISS!

Welcome to Digital Innovation Partners, a newly formed unit within the ZEISS Group. We have a clear goal: Enabling and accelerating the digital transformation of ZEISS @speed and @scale. We are developing digital solutions jointly with the ZEISS business groups and we are accelerating innovation that delivers a future value for our customers and our company. We will do this by building on our incredible 170 year heritage of successful innovations.

New Solutions that change the world! Globalization and digitalization are changing customer requirements and markets rapidly. It is now more important than ever to understand and implement innovations that customers need and expect in the future. ZEISS will offer its customers increasingly an integrated solution portfolio – consisting of hardware, software and services.

Work @ ZEISS

Direct entry

If you have successfully completed your studies in natural sciences, engineering or business or have been awarded a doctorate, ZEISS offers you diverse entry options in a company which stands for excellent prospects. Take on challenging responsibilities right from day one!

We support you in becoming a fully-fledged team member with job-specific initial training so that you’ll quickly feel like a Zeissian. Benefit from individualized on-the-job training!

As soon as you get started with us, a wide range of professional development and advanced training programs are available to you, such as peer and knowledge-based peer networks, a digital learning platform, mentorship programs, leadership development, an expert career track and opportunities for functional, global and cross-business unit mobility. Continuous training on- and off-the-job keeps you a step ahead of the game!

Graduate Program

International experience and variety are guaranteed in the ZEISS Global Graduate Program. On our Global Graduate Program, we offer you the chance to get acquainted with the topics and tasks involved in your future role in the company across different disciplines and departments. You will be supported throughout the program by a personal supervisor and a mentor, who will monitor your technical and personal skill-building. This allows experts and trainees to exchange information and experience.

During your 15 months on the ZEISS Global Graduate Program, you will gain a wide-ranging overview of your initial functional area, related business units, international locations and the company's processes and technologies. In addition, a wide range of opportunities for development and continuing professional training will be open to you for your next career step.

We work in a team across countries and time zones. We will be delighted to give you the chance to get a sense of that for yourself. You can demonstrate in your projects what it means to make things happen together. At least one assignment will be completed abroad. Base Camps are additional highlights of the Global Graduate Program. These networking events are held twice during the period of your trainee program, and every program member participates. At the Base Camps, all the members of the program from all over the world meet up to work on a joint project and discover more about ZEISS products, technologies and history.

Internship and Thesis Projects

At the ZEISS Group, we offer you excellent possibilities to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and the opportunity to learn about and actively shape the application of knowledge in a company.

As an intern, you will actively experience the processes of the world's most innovative companies on site and lay an ideal foundation for your future career.

Would you like to delve into a specific subject with the assistance of ZEISS? The six business groups of the company offer you a broad spectrum of possibilities for writing your thesis.

13 IT-Jobs von der Carl Zeiss AG