Omer Khalid, Consultant im Risk Advisory

Omer Khalid, Consultant im Risk Advisory

I was amazed at the degree of responsibility I was given, which was very empowering. Deloitte believes in “learning by doing”, which means there is an acceptance for making mistakes.

Hi, my name is Omer and I’ve been a member of the cyber team at Deloitte’s Berlin office since April 2022.#

I came on board right after my master’s degree to start Deloitte’s “Cloud Security Dive-In Program” which prepared me very well for my current work as a consultant in cyber related topics. Everything you have to know about the dive-in program, I going to tell you in my blog.

Hello Omer! How did you first find out about Deloitte’s “Cloud Security Dive-In Program”?

After finishing my master’s degree, I worked as a software development trainee at a clinical research firm. I had always been interested in cyber technologies, specifically in cyber security. One day, as I was deciding on my New Year’s resolutions, I concluded I should only do work I truly enjoy. Otherwise, each day on the job feels like a chore. Through internet research I learned that consulting companies also assist clients with cyber security. This led me to discover Deloitte’s Cloud Security Dive-In Program.

Why did you finally decide to apply to the program, and what was it like on candidate selection day?

Despite my computer science background based on the mentioned traineeship, the field of cloud computing was totally new to me. As I read about Deloitte’s program, I was greatly intrigued, and I immediately decided to submit an application.

I was rather nervous on candidate selection day. However, the interviewers presented themselves in such a cordial and disarming way, that in just five minutes, my nervousness was gone. After mutual introductions and a chance to get to know each other, we were asked as a group to complete a case study, which gave the interviewers the chance to see how we collaborated as a team. My group was quite diverse in terms of national origins and career experience. This diversity helped us to brainstorm some amazing ideas and solutions. During our discussion, I realized that there were things I knew that my fellow interviewees didn’t, and vice versa, so finding a solution together was a learning experience for all of us.

What is your academic background and did this help you on candidate selection day? Moreover, how did you prepare? Are there any tips you can offer?

I obtained my master’s degree in Communications & Signal Processing, so I had some knowledge about networks and how they are interconnected. However, the cloud as a specific topic was completely new to me. Because of this, I was unsure whether I would be accepted to the program. I prepared for the interview by studying a little about the nature of cloud computing and its transformative impacts. The more I read, the deeper I wanted to go, and I found myself fascinated by the subject. I read articles about how large companies are migrating to cloud computing, not only to enhance profitability, but also to streamline operations. There were also articles that described how firms are protecting themselves against cyber threats, and how consulting companies are helping them implement the “zero-trust” model to secure their IT environments.

For an applicant who is preparing for an interview, I would suggest you do some research about Deloitte and its goals and mission. Being prepared will also help to minimize your anxiety. You need to maintain an appropriate level of professionalism, but at the same time, be yourself! Show that you are an outgoing, likeable person.

During the interview, you need to present yourself properly. Speak confidently about your past experiences in the workplace and classroom. Ideally, provide specific examples of how you contributed to the success of past employers or learned something new and important.

Finally, it is always nice to express gratitude to the interviewers for their time. I would recommend getting the interviewers’ contact information and sending a thank-you note to each following the interview.

How does the Cloud Security Dive-In Program actually work? How long is the program and how is it structured?

The program – which takes three months to complete – begins with the basics of cloud computing. During the first six weeks, we learned about the cloud and its special features (AWS, Azure, GCP Essentials) while focusing on obtaining our initial cloud certifications in all three hyperscalers. We also got to know the basics of cloud security and FinOps, and how to be more agile in our work.

Over the next two weeks, we took a closer look at other aspects of cloud cybersecurity: services for managing enterprise-level risks throughout the lifecycle; for managing data reliability and protection risks; and related processes and technology. The image below shows the topics we covered.

Omer Khalid, Consultant im Risk Advisory

You know work at Deloitte as a regular employee. Which aspect of the dive-in program did you most enjoy? And did the program fully prepare you for a smooth transition to project work?

When I was working on my first project at Deloitte, I was amazed at the degree of responsibility I was given, which was very empowering. Deloitte believes in “learning by doing”, which means there is an acceptance for making mistakes. This approach has provided me with the freedom to explore challenging new subject areas.

I was amazed that after just 2.5 months I could understand so much of the discussion that took place during client meetings. This consistently motivated me to learn more. Of course, there were times I felt uncertain, but then my manager and colleagues helped me out, without being judgmental. Even if you have a thousand questions, someone will be there to help and guide you. The spirit of knowledge sharing at Deloitte makes the company feel like a family. And you do become close to your colleagues: we work together, eat together, go out together. It is truly wonderful how welcoming everyone here is. No one seeks to communicate the notion they are superior.

In your opinion, what kinds of experience should interested applicants have in order to successfully complete the dive-in program? At the same time, what can applicants expect from Deloitte as an employer?

Deloitte is looking for

  • technical skills, especially some knowledge of the relevant subject matter (cloud computing, security policies, regulations and standards);
  • willingness to learn new things and adaptability; and an
  • ability to understand and explain problems to a potentially non-technical audience.
  • Applicants can expect
  • modern and flexible working conditions, including fully remote positions;
  • flat hierarchies and a congenial working environment;
  • multiple paths of professional development, including training, technical certifications, and internal roles;
  • individualized learning programs; and
  • a huge variety of interesting projects and customers.

Would you like to get more information on Deloitte’s Cloud Security Dive-In Program? Then visit our website!

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