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Thomas Hartenstein, Consultant im Consulting

Thomas Hartenstein

"In my profession I can work with the newest technologies on interesting and diverse tasks. Moreover, being part of an international team makes the job even more exciting."

Von Thomas Hartenstein



Hello, my name is Thomas and I work as a Solution Engineer at the Innovation Delivery Center in Berlin. During my studies, I was already involved in computer engineering, computer vision, and machine learning. At Deloitte I work in the field of DevOps, helping our clients implementing continuous delivery for application development projects in the cloud. I would be happy to provide some insight into how I got started at Deloitte and my responsibilities as a Solution Engineer.

What did you study and what other experience do you have?

I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin. I was able to gain practical experience as a working student during my studies. In addition, I used the free storage offers and learning platforms available from various cloud providers to realize my own projects.

How did you find out about the option of becoming a Solution Engineer at the Innovation Delivery Center? Are you from Berlin?

I’m from the state of Saxony and have been living in Berlin for nine years. I became aware of the availability of the position at Deloitte’s job portal while looking for opportunities in Berlin.

What finally convinced you to join Deloitte? And why have you not regretted it to this day?

I was compelled by the fact that Deloitte is a well-known employer where one can work with the newest technologies on interesting and diverse tasks. Moreover, being part of an international team makes the job even more exciting. I’m happy about my decision, as Deloitte is a great employer to grow with. Deloitte invests in employee development through various programs. At the start of your career, you are assigned a buddy who supports you in different areas. In addition, Deloitte places a strong emphasis on career development. Each employee has regular meetings with a counselor, who explains opportunities to improve yourself and therefore reaching the next career level. Deloitte also offers many training options for skill enhancement.

You’re specialized in AWS cloud computing. What can we expect from this area? What topics do you deal with and how do you support your clients?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides various services to create infrastructure and host applications in the cloud. As a client, you don’t need to maintain local IT infrastructure for your application; you can use AWS instead, which is much more scalable. The infrastructure and services in AWS can be created by writing code with Terraform (Infrastructure as Code). Assuring the realization of the client’s application using AWS services is a key responsibility as a Solution Engineer.  

What project are you currently working on and what are your specific tasks as Solution Engineer?

My current project is building an application for web browsers and mobile devices. I am part of the team providing the backend for the app My focus is on deploying the infrastructure in AWS by describing it in code. This requires good coordination with all team members (DevOps, backend, frontend, QA). Another task is the creation and development of the CI/CD pipelines.

What do you enjoy most about your work? What are the highlights so far?

What I enjoy most is that I learn a lot and the tasks are interesting. One of the highlights so far was a joint team event during the first month of my employment, when I met most of the team from Berlin and Leipzig.

Which types of graduates should follow in your footsteps and why?

In my opinion, two points are essential as a Solution Engineer and therefore of great importance for potential applicants. On the one hand, you should have good technical and logical thinking skills in order to work out appropriate solutions. On the other hand, you should be a good team player, as collaborative work on an international team is a daily requirement and a significant factor for project success.

Do you have any personal tips for job applicants who wish to launch a stellar career at Deloitte?

My personal tip is that you should look for a part-time job during your studies in order to gain practical experience. You should also take advantage of the free storage services of various cloud providers to realize your own projects.

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